Artist Statement



Creating is my way of harnessing all my excess energy in a positive way. I equate art making to that of being in a relationship. It is exciting and beautiful, infuriating and exhausting but most importantly rewarding. Creative processes are meditative, expressive, and give me a sense of calm.

Photography and Mixed Media has allowed me to use imagery to explore ideas surrounding the psychological and emotional aspects of life. My work is centered around the human condition. Focusing on the many facets of being and methods of dealing with personal and societal issues. It is my belief that the connections that we make, the lives that we touch become the things our lives are built upon. Through these connections– even if for a moment, we grow. Through my work I can illustrate that connection and the nuances of life.

For some, anyway, seeing is thinking and making images out of the seen is thinking raised to the level of meditation.
— Sven Birkerts, The Trained Eye, 2006