1/52: Brothers


This adjustment has been intense and crazy for us. I have no doubt that Bug will be the best big brother.

2/52: Play


I love playing with shadows these days. It has been a lot of experimenting and pushing myself to embrace them more. He is growing so fast. I love my bug. It is amazing to see how his interests shift.

3/52: Have I told you lately that I love you?

KatherineK.Cagle-Bug-1-29-19 - bw-1.jpg

If you asked me 4 years ago if I was a dog person I would have said no. Look at us now. She is a protector of epic proportions. Are you a cat or dog person?

4/52: Oh Mr. Sun, sun Mr. Golden Sun please shine down on me.


Playing peekaboo with the curtain is highly entertaining at two, and 35 that is. He was "reading" his story to me! Reading in the way a two year old does by explaining the pictures to me. Speech has been a huge milestone for us. Let me tell you fewer things are as sweet as your boy reading to you.

5/52: I am in love with this photo.


Meet the hubs! He works his butt off for this family. Then comes home and plays with the kids and 90% of the time cooks dinner. (My cooking game is weak.) He supports me in all my artistic endeavors. He is our rock. And seriously how hot is he holding this Bean?

6/52: Humor is everywhere.


He ran around the house with both of his dads flashlights for 20 minutes before we ended up here. He was getting such a kick out of watching the water go down in the light of the flashlight I didn't feel like stopping him.

- (Don't worry y'all we washed up afterwards) -

7/52: Take time to see the beauty.


Since taking Laura Beth Davidson’s breakout Magic in the Mundane I literally have taken photos everyday. It has reminded me to not only take the time to see the beauty that is all around me but to photograph it. If you are feeling a little lost I recommend this breakout whole heartedly.

8/52: We are on the precipice of three.


We are on the precipice of three. Pray. For. Me. Can we collectively agree twos and threes are hard? Like rage eating your feelings in a 7/11 parking lot hard.

9/52: This lady and this light.


We took a much-needed ladies weekend away to South Carolina to celebrate this ladies upcoming nuptials. We visited the Brookgreen Gardens and took in the heat and the sunshine. There are fewer things as awesome as spending time with amazing women. Just drinking wine and singing 80's songs

10/52 I am in awe of his uninhibited curiosity.


I am trying to teach Bug about art without dampening his freedom. It is amazing spending time in the studio with him. -
I introduced the concept of a pallet today because he loves to mix all the paints together and does it in the jars

I started 2019 with the intention of doing 52 weeks of photos. So far I have fallen wildly behind. SO I figure if I get caught up and share here as well as on social media. It will double as a catalyst to hold myself accountable at making sure I share photo AND write a blog post.

Talk soon,