Tash Sultana

Watching this woman perform on various platforms via YouTube is awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping goosebump-inducing. I can only fathom how hard she rocks during a live show. She toured all the states and territories outlying Michigan, but when you have a tiny human going more than a couple cities over isn't always feasible. Though, one day I will find out.

I originally came across Tash Sultana's work on none other than NPR's Tiny Desk Concert. (We all know how much I love Tiny Desk Concerts.) I was immediately intrigued by her music. Watching her perform is like seeing Art come alive. She is the type of artist you just see it flow from her like she is breathing it out. Regardless of the content, you see the joy she has in the creation of the piece; like each performance is a new rendition with little-altered nuances.

I am not here to critique, but merely to spread the joy I find in her music, and performance. 

So enjoy, rock on, and dance hard.


Talk soon,

How ‘bout these notions
Hmm, they’re deep as ocean
Calling out my name
Screaming out in vain
Singing hallelujah
— Tash Sultana