I Made a Backdrop...


SO I made a backdrop for a Unicorn pastel themed first birthday session. The journey was interesting. I started by doing what one does when one must make something. They consult Pinterest. So I replicated a fairly simple design.  See here for the original idea

5' x 4' Backdrop

Step 1:

Call your Mom from Joann Fabrics to find out how many rolls of sheer ribbon you will need. Send her photos mid-conversation to help her visualize what you are trying to make. Let her put you on speaker phone with all of her friends at her quilters retreat. There someone will do the math for you and deduce you need to buy 5 rolls. 


Buy 8 to 10 rolls


Buy more than you think you will need. I bought 6 - 30ft rolls. I wish I had bought more. I bought Save the Date Sheer Ribbon


Have a glass of wine


If you are a Mom like me we didn't start this till the last minute because... you know... life. Treat yourself. 


Battle Your Cat


Cut your ribbon. One 30 foot spool equal out to 3 - 8 foot and 1 - 6 foot. So the idea became that the 8-foot pieces would be the filler and the 6-foot pieces would be used for accents. This is when you will inevitably battle your cat/s! 


Measure 3.5 - 4 feet off the ground and use a solid tape to hold your base rope to the wall. 

Step 6:

Now fold your strips in half and use the pull-through method. This pin articulates how to do that. Differing from the pin that uses yarn– since I used sheer ribbon it took up more width. Do this till all the ribbon is gone.  Have fun with the placement of colors, and accent pieces. 

Step 7:

The gold ribbon is only 15 feet long; so cut it into 4 pieces. Now there are probably more sophisticated ways of adhering it to the rope, but I busted out my trusty stapler. I folded the top of it over the rope and stapled it to itself. A little MacGyver but it did the trick.

Step 8:

The last step is to add the circle glitter garland. I feel like this really gave it punch while maintaining a simplistic feel. 



The flooring is actually Ella Bella Photography Paper Backdrop. This was my first time using a paper floor drop. If you have kids or animals it can easily get schmutz on it or torn. My son walked up to it and just ripped it up. Luckily it is 15 feet long so I could just trim it back. It is good for one or two times of use, which is fine because it is really affordable. I also used paper lanterns, and a faux fur rug to give the scene a little more depth.


If I make another backdrop I won't use the pull-through method but over the rope style - See this Pin I think I would have gotten more coverage using the same technique that I used for the gold ribbon. 

Even though I didn't feel like I had enough ribbon, and my kid ripped my floor drop; the session turned out wonderful! I again got to do what I love. I can't wait to share Eloise's First Birthday Session with everyone. If you have any questions about the making of the backdrop feel free to reachout. 

Talk soon,

‘Cause everybody I know, everybody I know
Is growing old, is growing old too quickly
And I don’t wanna go
No how am I supposed to slow it down
so I can figure out who I am?
— Brian Victor Macdonald + Judah Lee Akers + Nathan Edward Zuercher + Spencer Morgan Cross