Reflections: February 2018


I can't believe how fast February went. While the illnesses still flowed through our house like the Nile River at least it was a way more productive month!

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In true Michigan fashion we were afforded two glorious 60 degree days! In the middle of February! Of course I saw the over achieving jogger in a tank and shorts. The only thing I didn't see was anyone in flip flops, because you know... they are out there. I did get to take Bug to the Zoo with some friends; which was an adventure to say the least. (I may be rethinking my stance on the backpack with a leash deal- Don't judge me.) My husband was super excited to bust out the barbecue. I mean you have to take advantage of these few hopeful days of weather before the 1 to 6 inches hits tomorrow. 

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My creative vibes returned. So I have gotten back into the studio working on some new collage works. I am trying to carve out more time to make, but it is hard with a tiny human. I gave myself more rules for this project, and I picked all of the paper and content in one sitting. Hopefully this will help with continuity throughout the series.  I have started working a little bigger jumping to 5 x 7 from 3 x 5 blocks so that has been interesting. It still feels manageable. I just listened to a Jealous Curator episode with Seth Clark and he does beautiful collages on a grand scale. It seems thrilling but also a little/a lot scary- #goals

 I made a backdrop! from scratch-ish! and got to photograph the adorable Eloise to commemorate her one year birthday! She was so darling and so much fun to photograph. This photo shoot really solidified my love for Natural Light Photography. Now is the perfect time to book your session; before all the spring and summer dates get filled up.


February's Monday Quotes

I am playing around with the idea of doing a Spring Pop-Up session, but there has to be demand. I have a gorgeous venue in mind for an Easter Pop Up. So if you are interested in a Spring Pop up contact me so I can get a count.

Talk soon,

PS This video is AMAZING!! 

Make a spark, break the dark
Find a light with me
Who we are from the start
Won’t you dance with me?
— Anthony Michael West + Josephine Hilary Vander Gucht