The Steuben's | Day in the Life | 2019

The Steuben’s welcomed me into their home this June to document their family. Their pupper Pilot and Daughter S. are thick as thieves. Their bond is unlike anything I have ever seen. Wherever S. went, Pilot wasn’t far behind. It was so much fun capturing that bond.


There was gorgeous morning light for us to play in.

Something as small as putting on your child's shoes may seem so mundane at the time, but there is so much beauty in those details. It is hard to fathom that one day, that act will be a thing of the past.


Dad to the rescue!


Thank you, Corey and Lillian! I am honored to have been able to document this season of your lives. I can’t wait to do it again.

Talk soon,

Pilot photo bombing me left and right. It was too cute.