Reflections: March


I know this is Michigan and it literally snowed today, but HAPPY SPRING! 

I feel like I am failing you all. I have not been writing nearly as often as I had hoped to be in 2018.

If you don't know this I got my Bachelors Degree in Studio Art Photography. The Art part I get, but the business end has been where I am really trying to expand my knowledge. So far the first quarter of 2018 has been A LOT of self-education on marketing, and really figuring out my WHY. I If you are wondering what a WHY is, it is the reason you are pursuing what you are pursuing. It took some serious reflection, and AH-HA moments to get to my WHY. 


As a mother, I really understand why it is SO important to have someone document your journey. My work is so important to me because I understand how fleeting the time is with your little ones. There is always the last time, and it is so imperative to capture your little ones as they are now. I am passionate about photographing growing families, and important life events, because every person deserves to have their story told. 

MARCH Monday quotes

One thing I am excited to have invested in during March was the "Five Minute Journal" It is an easy way to take a couple minutes out of your day, and to reflect on what made it good, and to express gratitude for what you have. Speaking for myself I think it has been easy for me to focus on the negative instead of really opening my eyes to what I have. I have found it helpful. I suggest checking it out. PLUS it only takes a few minutes a day which is not a huge time commitment. 

Talk soon,


I wish I had Maggie Rogers Style and her jumpsuits! I love everything about this video. 

I’m coming up slowly
I’m high on emotion
With waves of this feeling
As light as the ocean
And then I see you
— Maggie Rogers + Nick Das