A Birthday Send Off

Today is Maureen Legeret's Birthday. My Aunt Mope would have been 65. She passed February 28th, 2016. I was 8 Months pregnant with my son and awash with grief. I did what any photographer would do during a time like that. I clung to photos, the tangible memories we had of her. I never wanted to be as sad as I was during this time, while carrying my son. I was reminded that this sadness was pure and came from a pure place. A place of love. 

Today we celebrated her life. We gathered and ate cake, lit off lanterns, shed some tears and had some laughs. I have many memories of my Aunt Mope. Hours and hours... and hours of flower shopping for my wedding. Getting married under the archway she decorated with said flowers. Eating copious amounts of Starburst Jellybeans together. Her basically breaking into my parents house to make sure I was alive after a terrible bout of the flu.

The most important thing about Maureen Legeret is that she loved me, and my family with a ferocity to be reckoned with. If you had her in your corner she was your champion. Ready to fight any battle right along side you.

That ferocity and fight is what I will carry with me. Always.