16/52: #worstmomever


Why is your son crying hysterically you ask?

Because I wouldn't let him watch TV in the bathtub. #worstmomever

My mom always told me to find the humor in motherhood or else you will go crazy. Boy was she right! The raw honest emotion flowing from him was too much. I had to capture it. It is hard to see your child this upset, but the reason why was just too golden.

14/52: Beautiful, tenacious infuriating sweet love-able boy.


This beautiful, tenacious infuriating sweet love-able boy. I won't pretend I haven't been struggling. Motherhood is messy sometimes; it is hard and beautiful and challenging and heartbreaking. I was so glad to hear that my girlfriend had a similar experience with her little one. I cried with relief.

Those beautiful brown eyes.

We have to share our stories, mamas. Building our tribe around one another and supporting each other is so important.