The selective hearing of a two (almost three) year old.

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This look says it all… I mean I am pretty sure this is the look that I give him 50% of the day. Can we take a minute to collectively say Holy COW the twos are hard and coming up on the threes pray for me y’all.

Pray. For. Me.


This has been a year of milestones and testing all the boundaries that exist. We have made amazing strides in language and development. We graduated from speech therapy. At the beginning of his second year, he was babbling and hadn’t said, Mama. Now, he says Mama all the time and is so much better at articulating that it blows my mind. His new thing is, “Awesome!”

I feel like besides the postpartum shedding that is in full force now, my hair is either going to go full blown white or all jump ship rendering me bald with all of his daredevil antics.

(SIDE NOTE: Does anyone else feel like since we put 40 weeks into making these tiny people that we should get to keep the hair? Like is that too much to ask? That should be a gift for contributing to the human race. )

He is a stuntman, and a risk taker and leads with his face which makes me so nervous. If you can jump off of it he will try. If you can throw it he will try. I mean he is tenacious I give him that. A quality that makes it difficult to parent, but is so necessary as an adult.


I can’t believe we are fast approaching 3 years old. What a wild ride it has been. When he snuggles in to me or screams “MAMA” when I pick him up from school. When he cackles as we play peek-a-boo.

It is literally everything. I love his guts.

If you have any advice for a mom on the precipice of three leave it in the comments below. I need all the help I can get.

Talk soon,

P.S. He loves to dance to the Yeah Yeahs Yeahs - Date With the Night! My heart soars!

Gonna grab squeeze tight
— Chase + Orzolek + Zinner