Day in the Life: Session Prep


Welcome!  So you booked your “Day in the life” session. Now what?  Below you will find all the info you need to prepare. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email. I am SO excited to photograph you and your little ones! 

Location:  “Day in the Life” sessions are primarily in your home, although location changes throughout the day are sometimes inevitable and welcome (the park, church, family outing or grocery store for instance.)

Length of Session:  Typically, your session will start a half hour before wake up and end a half hour after bedtime. This means session times vary from 4 to 16 hours. After I have gotten everything I need or your children indicate it is time for me to go, I will pack my up gear and exit stage left.

What To Wear: We start in pajamas and end in pajamas. If you want to wear pajamas all day; no judgement here! Comfortable clothing that most accurately depicts your family’s image is most important.

Prep your kids: Prepare your child for the session by letting them know that a friend will be coming over to spend the day with them and will be taking some photos. It's best not to surprise them. It is best if we just give the children time to relax to allow me to capture their natural self. Try not to stress out about your child's behavior during the session.  I know it can be difficult and frustrating if they are misbehaving. (I have 3-year-old… I know...I just know) I am there to capture it all: the good and the bad, the laughter and the tears. If you think they would be more receptive to meet me beforehand we can schedule a playdate to break the ice.

What to expect: I will show up, drop my gear and start shooting. If we haven’t met before I will introduce myself to the littles, and probably make a few bad jokes. During the session, I may take frequent breaks to play with your children. I will probably remind you not to focus on me a bunch throughout the day.

What should we do? Start with your normal routine or traditions. Things you can do as a family, such as making a meal, playing in the yard, art projects, family game night, getting ice cream, or a family outing.

Post-Session Expectations: Within 2 weeks of your session, a private, password protected gallery will be available to view your images.  Your gallery will be available for viewing and downloading for 30 days.  You may share your gallery with family and friends and on social media.  Please back-up your files. Your photo album will be sent directly to your house - please allow 1-2 weeks after photo delivery to receive your photo album.

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have.  See you soon!