Hello, I am Kate

Since becoming a mother I feel like I understand the importance of documenting your life on a new level. It seems like it is all so fleeting. One minute your babies are these little lumps and next they are running towards you to give you a big hug. It regularly blows my mind how fast it goes by.

Sometimes we need more than just our phones to take the picture.  I have exceeded the memory on my phone more than once- trust me. Yet, nothing is more disappointing than ordering a print of your favorite picture from your phone and it is pixelated and unusable. 

I define my style as a Lifestyle Photographer who is in love with natural light. I want to document your family’s candid authentic moments in the most beautiful way possible. So in these hectic times should you need someone to photograph you and your family, or your special event feel free to call on me. I would love to chat and hear more about your family or event. 

What I Love

  • Photography- I shoot digital but Analog Photography has a very special place in my heart.

  • Photographing my husband and sons as they grow.

  • Studio time working on Fine Art projects.

  • My husband, sons, pupper, and the cats that terrorize my life.

  • Music + Dance parties

  • Coffee- lots of coffee, all the coffee.

  • Food in its various delicious forms.

  • The sound of my son laughing.

  • and of course I am a huge Harry Potter geek.