"Some Things Can’t Be Unsaid" originated from a time when someone close to me said something hurtful. They probably didn't realize the weight of their words on me. "Nothing's going to hurt you the way that words do, when they settle (be)neath your skin."[1] A lyric from the singer Sara Barielles' "Brave" resonated with me.

I wanted to explore how women use make-up as masks. Showing how the use of makeup can act as a mediator between themselves and the world. If a woman is having a bad day she can put on a "brave face". The idea being if someone says something hurtful; as a woman, you can cover it up, bury it and keep moving forward.

I reached out via  Facebook asking women to share with me something that someone had said to them that hurt them in one way or another. I then had those sayings written on my by Graphic Designer Genna Cowsert. She wrote them on my face neck and chest. I then showed how we cover those things up with make-up and clothes. I removed all of the makeup, and hand letterings using a white washcloth to show the many layers. Using the process of removal being a cathartic process in the purging of those hurtful things.

Stefan Sagmeister, AIGA Poster for Cranbrook
Gerlovin & Gerlovina, Photoglyphs,  

[1] Sara Barielles- Brave Official Video,