Ling + Dan


June 24th, at Belle Isle Conservatory Ling and Dan, exchanged vows in front of 9 of their closest family members during an intimate ceremony led by their Mothers. Later that same day they held a second ceremony for their family and friends. This ceremony led by Dan's long time friend Ken was filled appropriately with humor and geekery. There was a lot of tradition, laughter and happy tears.


Dan and Ling met in D.C at Bar Trivia Night. Not just your typical Bar Trivia- Biology Bar Trivia. Dan had noticed that Ling's team players hadn't arrived and so he asked her to join them. His main goal was not to win bar trivia but to score Ling's phone number. Needless to say, he was successful.  


Their romance has been filled with beautiful moments. Moments that I would learn about through details they incorporated into their wedding. This was one of the most thoughtful nuptials I have had the pleasure of witnessing.  


Dan and Ling have written postcards to each other on all of their trips together. In spirit of that tradition they wrote a postcard to each other during the ceremony.
*queue the misty eyes*


Thank you, Ling and Dan, for letting me document your beautiful wedding. 
I wish you an eternity of happiness, laughter, and moments that create so many more beautiful details.

Talk soon,